Omni Casino’s Golden Touch slots tournament

At the beginning of the month, Omni Casino announced they would be hosting a $7,777 Golden Touch slots tournament. The ‘Booster’ that preceded this tournament has now finished and we’re ready to get down to the serious business of the tournament proper.

The action gets under way today and will continue until the end of the month and will incorporate the multi-tier format which Omni have been using in the tournaments recently.

These tiers each cater to different player levels meaning that those on a smaller budget end up competing with similar players for cash prizes rather than getting smothered by the high rollers.

Those of you interested in getting involvement with the Golden Touch tournament won’t need to follow any complex registration procedure – you just need to start playing on any of the eligible slots and you’ll be automatically entered in the tournament.

Players can enter the tournament at any time, but obviously the sooner they start playing, the better their chances of building up a good score.

While playing in the tournament, your aim should be to build up as many points as you can so that you can achieve a good ranking on the overall leaderboard. These points are earned by playing on any of the 15 – 40 payline slots. In fact, every real money spin will earn you 1 tournament point.

Players can also pick up points by taking advantage of the Golden Games Bonus – this additional promotion will award players an extra 50 points for every 200 spins which are made on the Golden Games slot machine.

As the title of the slot suggests, Golden Games is an Olympic themed game with a maximum payout worth 10,000 coins. The symbols are all based around the different sports that you’d expect to find in the Olympics and there are plenty of free spins and wild cards for players to take advantage of.

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Once the Golden Touch Tournament is over, all eligible players will be placed on one of three leaderboards based on the size of their average bet. The lowest leaderboard will be for those players who have bet between $0.45 and $1.49. The next leaderboard will be for bets ranging from $1.50 to $3.99. with the final leaderboard being reserved for those who have bet more than $4 per spin.

These leaderboards can be found in the casino lobby and will be updated every other day during the week.

Come the end of the month, those players in the top positions of each leaderboard will be awarded their share of a prize pool which is guaranteed to be worth $7,777.

Take advantage of an improved welcome bonus at Omni Casino:

If you’re looking to get involved in Omni Casino’s Golden Touch Tournament, you can get extra value by taking advantage of an improved welcome bonus which is available to all readers.

If you go directly to the Omni Casino website, you’ll be able to take advantage of a 100% match bonus up to $/£100.

However, if you click through to the site from Best Casino Online, an improved 133% match up to $/£133 will automatically be added to your account when you make your first deposit.

Internet casinos have improved their gaming performance. Online gaming is a comfort: the benefits are greater similar to conventional locations. Picking the right deposit casino online to register for is better when you’ve got a guide. When you decide on a particular casino, start by depositing a substantial amount of cash, raise your deposits only with period you trust the slot machines.

Find Amazing Online Blackjack Game

There are many pastime activities where wagering is one the most beloved and favorite; there’s nothing surprising about this as gambling activities like poker, blackjack, slots, baccarat, and many others suggest fantastic fun as well as thrill to all their enthusiasts. Evidently there are lots of things you should learn as well as realize, whenever you consider gambling and blackjack game wagering in particular. Today we’re speaking of the pontoon and a lot of stuff associated with the games that gamblers enjoy on Judi online terpercaya. Though we are not going to tell the gamblers about all the issues concerning blackjack principles, tactics, and additional blackjack tips, yet there are a few issues everyone should grasp if one accepts the idea of enjoying blackjack betting excitement.

Nowadays everyone that possesses a good notebook, as well as stable internet connection, can completely relish net gaming fun. At the moment online casinos are popular therefore there’re not many phrases to fully convey casino terrific popularity. Numerous web casinos grant rather a diverse collection of betting activities and blackjack betting continues getting buffs throughout the globe day by day. Although the pastime is not very demanding yet it is one of the typically greatest gambles thus guarantees much joy. Thus facts above reveal its fame as well as a significant joy guarantee.

Thus, the things you have to comprehend to well practice online pontoon. First of all, you should know that there is a blackjack for money as well as for enjoyment options. What can twenty-one for money propose? A lot of twenty-one casinos belong to true money casinos; to play the gamble for dollars as well as win real cash one needs to pick some of them. So, you know that real cash betting especially internet gambling will guarantee you the greatest betting adventure. Thus, one may easily choose the perfect blackjack table to play for dollars and practice real web pontoon at any real dealer casino. This does sound amazing! Surely you comprehend that you can play for cash provided you have some betting experience.

Blackjack for fun is the idea for many novices; no worries, gambling feelings are identical – true as well as fascinating. Another more appealing fact – you don’t need to pay to practice this game. No cash is needed. Playing free twenty-one you have a rather nice chance to understand blackjack essentials, twenty-one rules and techniques, and of course twenty-one odds. These are not tricky; just grasp that principle and that’s it.

In case you feel like, you ought to experience a video blackjack game. Most gambling websites provide video blackjack games for their devotees. Great video blackjack guidelines can let you grasp that option and have that supreme enjoyment and cheer. Don’t worry, there is not a thing complicated to grasp. So, above we’ve stated some tips and clues that may be handy if you think about an appealing opportunity to try net blackjack. The pastime is excellent and you shouldn’t ignore this opportunity; who knows maybe this amusement just like any entertainment will make your lifetime greater exciting.

How To Save Money At Roulette

Not literally, of course; if you wanted this type of advice, you’d either be attending a Gambler’s Anonymous meeting or poring over the issue with a hyper-religious relative. Instead, you are reading a publication with gambling content provided by www.ufabet and the title of this article caught your eye, so I assume that you want some advice that can actually help you protect your bankroll at the roulette table.

The first thing you probably noticed is that this is about saving money at roulette, not winning. Due to the casinos’ vig—which comes from them paying off less than your expected odds—you are technically losing money each time you place a bet on the board (although the red and black wagers on a roulette table do offer one of the best player percentages at the casino). There is only one proven way to win money at roulette – get lucky on your first bet, walk away, and never come back.

Unfortunately, many people would find this method unsatisfying for two reasons. For one, it is predicated on an awfully large amount of luck and therefore rather unlikely to happen. Two, gambling is oftentimes more about entertainment than it is about winning money, and a “one and done” deal would fail to satisfy this desire. With this in mind, let’s look at how you can extend your time at the roulette table without frequent trips to the ATM.

The key to my money-saving technique is “covering” your bets, which usually results in a series of small losses with a large win occasionally tossed in for good measure. You start by setting an amount for a fixed bet; this amount is the maximum you are willing to lose on one spin of the wheel. Then, half of this bet is apportioned to either red or black, another 30% goes onto a 2-1 proposition and the final 20% is spent on covering several numbers. For example, let’s say that you want to bet $10 on each spin – you would place $5 on one of the colors, $3 on one of the columns or the 1st, 2nd, or 3rd twelve boxes, and $2 on anything from individual numbers up to rows of three (I find that it often works best to divide this amount into two $1 bets). If your color comes in, you win your entire bet back; if one of the columns comes in, you only lose $1; and on the rare occasion you actually hit one of your numbers, you actually get a nice boost to your bankroll that should at least cover your losses for a while longer if it doesn’t put you ahead outright. It should also be noted that it is possible to win a combination of bets at once, which also helps you out in the win column. I find that this technique works best on the automated-betting Rapid Roulette game that can now be found in many casinos, but for those with higher bankrolls, it can work just as well on standard tables.

Top Benefits Of Online Gambling

When you consider that its advent, the web has made lifestyles more uncomplicated for many people. Pay your expenses, acquire live performance tickets, or even attend a are living convention assembly all from your house. Those advances are all a part of the web phenomenon. A reality now not recognized to so much, digital casinos is the quickest rising business on-line. If playing is your taste, you’ll be able to principally in finding all of it at the Global Extensive Internet. Sports activities having a bet, video poker, bingo … no matter what your recreation they are all on-line looking ahead to you. One would possibly ask the query: simply what is at the back of the insanity? Why are such a lot of other folks around the globe playing on-line in this day and age? At the same time as this feature will more than likely by no means utterly substitute actual lifestyles casinos, there are a couple of advantages that can convince you.

By contrast to busy casinos at the strip, on-line playing provides you with peace of thoughts. Everyone knows what number of people can cram a on line casino and even the bingo corridor on a Friday night time. Simply symbol your self on the blackjack desk; haunting eyes out of your competition stare you down, hoping to intimidate and pressure worry into your soul. Intrigued onlookers peep over your shoulder, including super drive to the location. On-line playing gets rid of all of the ones situations. You are able to chill out with ease in your house. You are making your personal time table. The tables and slots are all the time open at your call for. This useful get advantages has swayed many into pursuing their playing ventures on-line.

Honestly speaking, online gambling is the best way to get to know the technique and practice it out at regular intervals so as to be ready for a live casino game that is more thrilling with high betting involved where everything is put at stake and is the best website in current times that has all the facilities to work it out.

As a citizen of your town, state and u . s . a . you will have to do your best possible to abide by way of the regulations set for you. With that stated, there are specific laws that you’ll have to apply in a on line casino that do not follow inside of your place of dwelling. A specific participant would possibly love to smoke. A few casinos have made up our minds to prohibit that luxurious to soothe their general fan base. With on-line playing you’ll be able to principally do as you please, optimistically in a protected and lawful means. Remove darkness from your favourite tobacco pipe, pop open a lager and take a seat on the pc on considered one of your worst hair days. Because the queen or king in their area, gamers can now have much more a laugh by the use of on-line playing.

Some of the advantages on-line playing gives is loose cash. No, that wasn’t a typo. A few web sites will let you play totally free with the chance to win actual cash. How is that this imaginable? Tactful advertising methods are at paintings. Those playing products and services are very prepared to shell out a couple of greenbacks in go back for glad shoppers. You’ll by no means be capable of safe an internet jackpot this manner however would possibly stack sufficient bonus greenbacks to boost your bets and compete extra steadily. That is what the playing web pages need.

So if the consistent bell ringing and coin clinking of a on line casino is quite aggravating, on-line playing could also be the selection for you. This technique will give you the liberty to play as you would like in no matter what method you please with nearly any recreation you want. In all fact, it isn’t important if it is on land or on the web, while performed responsibly; playing is a a laugh, the most effective interest that is helping ease the pressures of on a regular basis lifestyles.

Some unknown facts about Slot Machines!

When we talk about online casino games, slot machines are the most popular among players. Players think that the slot machines offer higher chances of winning jackpots, but some gambling experts say that one should never play slot machines. The fact behind this is that the system of slot machines has been changing over the decades. The slot machines have become more random than earlier. Casinos tend to buy slot machines to make more money. Their majority of income is generated from situs slot online machines. Many facts are unknown to people about slot machines.

Let us together explore some facts about slot machines that everybody should know:

  • Slot machines are the games with obscure odds.

There is a house edge in all the casino games determined by two things: The odds of winning and the payoffs of each bet. You have no piece of information when playing slot machines as the numbers are generated randomly, and there is no way to know about the house edge.

  • Slots invented today are a bit common as original games.

In traditional times, the slot machines were quite simpler as you need to insert a coin, pull the lever, and look for symbols’ amalgamation. In today’s time, you need to place a bet, insert real cash, and press buttons to begin the game. The 3D animation of the reel is shown on a video screen. You need to navigate the screen to look at the paytable. Also, many slots are connected to computer programs and other games. 

  • As of today, slot machines are legal.

Earlier, many states where the slot machines are not legal, and the government considers the casino games as unregulated and unauthorized. But in today’s time, slot machines have been legalized and are regulated in many states. 

Gambling in Southwest Louisiana

Gambling in Southwest Louisiana is one of the favorite activities of visitors to this area. Visitors have several choices when gambling in Southwest Louisiana. These choices include Delta Downs Racetrack, Casino and Hotel, Harrah’s Lake Charles Casino, Isle of Capri Casino and Hotel, L’Auberge du Lac Casino and Hotel and Coushatta Casino Resort all of which offer their visitors the perfect atmosphere for gambling in Southwest Louisiana.

Louisiana is one of the most popular hotspots in the world when it comes to gambling alongwith Las Vegas where there are regular bouts of Poker and blackjack to keep you engaged in the casino for a long time and Delta Downs is a hub worth discussing to know more about casinos.

Delta Downs Racetrack, Casino and Hotel, located at 2717 Delta Downs Drive, Vinton, LA, offers horse racing, both live and off-track as well as slot machines. Guests to this establishment can enjoy betting on live thoroughbred and quarter horse racing from fall to the spring and off-track racing year round. Not only does Delta Downs offer gambling on horses, it also offers over 1500 slot machines, valet parking, live entertainment, a beautiful hotel and wonderful restaurants. For more information on horse racing type gambling in Southwest Louisiana, call 1-800-589-7441 or visit

Harrah’s Lake Charles Casino, located at 505 North Lakeshore Drive, Lake Charles, is the first casino seen as visitors cross the I-10 Bridge entering into Lake Charles. Gambling in Southwest Louisiana at this establishment includes the opportunity to play over 1200 slots machines, 175 video poker machines and of course, table games from roulette to blackjack to high stakes poker. Guests here will also find a beautiful hotel, situated on the lakeshore, and six restaurants to help make the gambling in Southwest Louisiana more enjoyable. For more information, call 800-HAR-RAHS or visit

Isle of Capri Casino and Hotel, located at 100 Westlake Avenue, Westlake, offers guests coming for the gambling in Southwest Louisiana, the opportunity to enjoy try their luck with over 1,800 slot machines or over 90 table games, all set in a tropical paradise 24 hours a day. The tropical paradise theme continues within the 5 restaurants and 2 hotels located on the premises. For more information, call 800-THE-ISLE or visit

L’Auberge du Lac Casino and Hotel, located at 777 Avenue L’Auberge, Lake Charles, offers gaming fans wanting to enjoy gambling in Southwest Louisiana the opportunity to enjoy a casino resort, much like the ones in Vegas, within its 26-stories. Here guests will enjoy over 700 hotel rooms and suites, 60 table games, 1600 slots as well as a Tom Fazio, 7000 yard, par-71 golf course and an event center. This casino also offers spa and salon services such as massages, manicures, soaks, scrubs, a cardio fitness center and a heated pool. For more information, call 227-395-7777 or visit

The Coushatta Casino Resort, located on Highway 165, Kinder, LA., offers its guests a gaming opportunity ranging from slots to table games in its 107,600 feet of gaming area. While here, guests can enjoy dining in six restaurants, special events, and an 18-hole golf course as well as staying in comfort in the Grand Hotel, Grand Inn or at the Red Shoes RV Resort. For more information, call 800-584-7263 or visit

Gaming in Southwest Louisiana is alive and well in any one of these establishments. Visitors should have no trouble trying their luck on their next trip here.

Slot Games: Top Selections For Beginners

The era of online gambling is increasingly elevating across the whole era, with its incredible and advanced features like instant customer support, fast transactions, and even so on. Well, the Online gambling industry has a wide range of collections with exciting games like Roulette, Black Jack, Craps, Slot Machines, and even many more.

However, what games you want to play is your personal choice, but we are presenting here some of the most exciting and popular poker online gameplay for beginners such as:

  • BLACK Jack:

It is one of the highly trending and simplest gameplay selections for newbie of the gambling world. Blackjack is one of the most popular games because of its incredible features of easy to play and benefit of a low house that is why it is preferred to beginner players.

  • Roulette:

Roulette is also a highly preferable slot game for newcomers of the casino world as it is designed with basic and slow-moving features. The highlighting reason behind its buzz is that it is a simple game in which you just have to choose a number on which the ball will be landing after the spin.

  • Slots:

Slots are one more exciting as well as simple to play gameplay of casino games. Most of the beginners prefer it because it contains simple wins along with exciting jackpots. Thus, it is highly preferable gameplay for a newbie.


So, these are one of the top selections of slot games for beginners, which you can list out in your gaming diaries. You can comprehend all of this above-mentioned gameplay as your ideal selections to start your casino experience with more excitement and joy. Thus, go ahead and get ready to win exciting points with incredibly featured easy to handle and the exciting gameplays.

How To Win At Gambling – Three Factors Of Fate, Luck And Mathematics

There are two schools of thought to winning jackpots: Those who subscribe to lady luck and those who subscribe to statistical methodology.
Most normal people contend that gambling is a matter of chance, and chance is governed by fate and lady luck. The superstitious pray to lady luck before tossing their coin. If they do win-it meant that fate smiled through lady luck. They cannot comprehend how some people can win again and again-especially first time players, and thus tribute it to the workings of a higher power.

In this school of thought, the skill is not considered. Lady luck could favor a novice just as well as an expert, and sometimes she likes novices more than professionals! You may have sighed that lady luck favored the lucky person who repeatedly won for that night. If this is of any comfort to you, do bear in mind that Lady Luck is capricious and fickle. She changes her favorites every night. You could very well be the next!

As for the mathematical school of thought, these statisticians argue that winning does not depend on the moods of a divine power-it lies in the hands of man. These statisticians are less superstitious and believe in the power of man to change their fate.

Critics of the casino industry are more often than not statisticians who prefer to call these gambling games as simply, games. They are no more different than your rusty old Red Alert games, or your Role Playing Games. They would persuade people to believe that winning is not governed by luck, but rather your calculated moves.

They deem themselves as experts in the field and encourage the best ones into playing big bets where the stakes are high while the inexperienced ones are relegated to judi online.

In comparison, superstitions of people render them comically silly. They would do anything to change their luck or have fate give them a break. Some people bring in with them 4 leaved clovers, rabbit’s foots, lucky horseshoes, lucky colors and such. These are normal, but there are the more eccentric ones like skipping on every alternate step to help lady luck notice you. These reduce an intelligent human being to a groveling beggar hoping for a dose of luck from fate. More often than not, fate scorns such people in favor for the nonchalant. It seems that the divine powers are just as fallible as any human being-we want what we don’t have. The ones with the extreme beliefs usually leave for home bitter.

On the other hand, statistics show that the odds of winning a jackpot are 1 to at least 600,000. This is very minimal-and miserable odds indeed. If you believe in lady luck, chances are that she’s not going to favor you over 600,000 plus hopefuls in the game.

Whichever school you subscribe to, the point is that gambling is about losing. The only person who profits is the casino owner who has his eyes on your money!

Vegas Odds: Gambling on NBA Basketball! HOW? Read to know

If you are a hardcore sports fan and happen to be visiting Las Vegas any time soon, then you may be one of those sports nuts trapped in a sportsbook room, gambling all night on games until you pass out. The best advice you can receive regarding gambling is this . . . DON’T GAMBLE! However, if you cannot help yourself, then keep these three tips in mind if placing a bet on an NBA game.

  • NEVER underestimate the home team! No matter how bad their record is, every team is a threat to win on their home court. Stats don’t lie. With the exception of a couple rare occurrences, teams (in all sports) have always had better records at home as opposed to the road. So, think twice about placing that $1,000 bet on the Los Angeles Lakers beating the Sacramento Kings in Sacramento. First of all, it’s just plain risky. Second of all, the odds will probably be “-1000” for the Lakers, which means you’ll have to bet a grand just to earn $100! Is that really worth the risk? The risk is much greater than the reward in a situation like this.

  • Be VERY careful if betting on the “under” in total points scored. You may think there is no chance of two teams combining for 215 points . . . and you may be looking good going into the 4th quarter; however, things can change very quickly late in a basketball game. For instance, if Kobe Bryant’s Lakers are trailing the Kings by 5 points with 40 seconds left, then you know what’s going to happen. Foul! Foul! Foul! Hack! Hack! Hack! It is very possible for 12 or 15 points to be scored in the last minute, as teams are fouling their opponent every single chance they get so they can extend the game as long as possible. Normally, the guys being fouled at the end of the game are the team’s best free throw shooters (because they’re the only ones the coaches allow to handle the ball in those situations), so it’s money almost every time they step to the charity stripe.
  • If by chance you want to bet on a heavy underdog, your best chance of winning is by betting on the first half rather than the “full” game or point spread, then its good to consider the 사설토토사이트 because its all safe from any hazard of privacy leaking on the internet and has best service in the class. Some of the better teams out there, like the San Antonio Spurs, rarely have all of their stars on the court at the same time during the first half. They start with Tim Duncan and Tony Parker . . . then later, they sit on the bench and Manu Ginobili then enters the game. Theses guys don’t play a lot together until it’s later in the game, during crunch time; therefore, your best chance to bet against them is by betting on the first half. Plus, a team like the Spurs is experienced at closing out games in 4th quarters, while the weaker teams often fade away and lose their concentration and discipline during the final key moments.

Takes these three tips with you to the Vegas sportsbook room and you may end up breaking even instead of breaking your bank!