Riding The Crypto Wave: Live Dealer Thrills with Bitcoin Gambling

In recent years, the world of online gambling has undergone a remarkable transformation thanks to the integration of cryptocurrency. Bitcoin, in particular, has emerged as a game-changer, offering unparalleled convenience, security, and anonymity to players worldwide. One of the most exciting developments in this space is the rise of live dealer games, which combine the thrill of traditional casino gaming with the convenience of online play. With btc gambling, enthusiasts can now experience the excitement of live dealer action without breaking the bank.

The Rise of Live Dealer Gaming

Live dealer games have become increasingly popular among online casino enthusiasts in recent years. Unlike traditional online casino games, which rely on random number generators to determine outcomes, live dealer games feature real-life dealers streamed directly to players’ devices. This immersive experience provides a level of authenticity and excitement that is unmatched by conventional online gaming platforms.

Bitcoin: A Game-Changer for Online Gambling

The emergence of Bitcoin has revolutionized the online gambling industry, offering players a secure, decentralized alternative to traditional fiat currencies. With Bitcoin gambling, players can enjoy fast, anonymous transactions without the need for intermediaries such as banks or payment processors. This level of freedom and flexibility has made Bitcoin the preferred choice for many online gamblers worldwide.

The Advantages of Bitcoin Gambling

Bitcoin gambling offers a host of advantages over traditional online casinos. For starters, Bitcoin transactions are virtually instantaneous, allowing players to deposit funds and start playing their favorite games without delay. Additionally, Bitcoin transactions are highly secure, thanks to using cryptographic protocols that protect against fraud and hacking. Finally, Bitcoin offers unparalleled privacy, allowing players to gamble online without disclosing sensitive personal information.

Live Dealer Thrills with Bitcoin

With the rise of Bitcoin gambling, players can now enjoy the excitement of live dealer games using their favorite cryptocurrency. Whether it’s blackjack, roulette, or baccarat, Bitcoin casinos offer a wide range of live dealer games to suit every taste and preference. Players can interact with real-life dealers in real-time, creating an immersive and engaging gaming experience that is second to none.

Experience the Excitement Without Breaking the Bank

One of the biggest advantages of Bitcoin gambling is its affordability. Unlike traditional online casinos, which often impose high minimum bets and hefty fees, Bitcoin casinos typically offer lower minimum bets and lower transaction fees. This means that players can enjoy the excitement of live dealer games without risking large sums of money. Whether you’re a seasoned gambler or a casual player, Bitcoin gambling offers a cost-effective way to experience the thrill of live dealer gaming.


Bitcoin gambling has transformed the online gaming industry, offering players unprecedented convenience, security, and affordability. With the rise of live dealer games, enthusiasts can now enjoy an authentic casino experience from the comfort of their own home. Whether you’re a seasoned gambler or a novice player, Bitcoin gambling offers something for everyone. So why wait? Join the crypto revolution and experience the excitement of live dealer thrills today!

The best online game payment methods

If you’re trying to get into the world of online slots Malaysia, you’ll find that there are a number of different payment options available. And although each casino is going to have its own rules and regulations regarding which methods of payment it accepts, there are some general principles that apply to all casinos. 

Online gaming and online casinos have revolutionised the world. But with this great revolution came a huge problem: how do we pay gaming companies for their services? To address this, many of them have devised various methods of payment that do not require interaction. Paying with a debit card, credit card, internet banking, direct bank transfer, online wallet apps, cryptocurrency such as Bitcoins, and other methods are among them.

There are three main ways in which people can pay for games on the internet: credit cards, e-wallets, or direct bank account deposit. All of these methods have their pros and cons, and will be discussed below. 

Credit Cards 

Although credit card payments are considered to be the most secure method of making online transactions, they do have a few drawbacks. First off, in order to make a purchase using your credit card, you must use an online banking system like PayPal or Neteller. This means that you’re going to need access to your checking account and credit card information, which may not always be readily available. 

In addition, the fees charged by credit card companies are often quite high, especially if you make large purchases. In fact, some credit cards charge as much as 5 percent per transaction, and this can quickly add up! 

Finally, some banks and credit card companies do not allow players to withdraw winnings from their accounts. So if you win big and want to cash out, you may have to wait until your next statement to see whether or not you’ve been credited with a win. 

There are also several other things to keep in mind when taking credit card payments. For example, if you plan on playing at a site that offers bonuses and promotions, they generally require that you make the full purchase before you receive your reward. Also, if you’re planning on playing a long session of slots – say, six hours or more – then you should consider paying for your play via prepaid debit card instead of a credit card. 


Electronic wallet systems such as Neteller and PayPal offer a number of advantages over traditional payment methods. You don’t have to worry about losing your checks or credit card details, because they store your personal identification numbers (PINs) directly on your computer. The only thing you have to remember is your password. 

You also won’t have to give any of your financial information to anyone else; all you need is your Internet connection and an email address. It’s also easy to transfer money between your electronic wallets and your checking account from within your account settings. 

The downside to using electronic wallets is that they aren’t as widely accepted as standard credit cards. If a casino doesn’t accept e-wallet payments, it’s unlikely that you’ll be able to use them to fund your gameplay. However, there are a growing number of sites that support e-wallet payments, and it’s possible that the popularity of these services will soon spread across casino websites. 

Direct Bank Deposit 

This is one of the least desirable methods for making online deposits, but many people still choose it because they don’t trust the security of their financial institutions. They feel safer depositing money directly into their bank accounts than they do transferring funds through a third party service like Neteller. 

The problem is that bank transfers are slow and expensive. To make a deposit, you typically have to send your bank a check or form letter containing the amount you’d like to transfer. You then wait until your bank sends you back an authorization code, which you then enter into the website where you’re depositing the money. 

Once you’ve deposited your money, you must wait for the funds to reach your account. Depending on how far away the casino is located, this could take anywhere from 24 hours to two weeks. After that, you can start playing. 

So, what’s the best way to make a deposit? Well, if you’re comfortable sending your bank a check and waiting for the funds to arrive, go ahead and do so. But if you want to speed up the process, use an e-wallet service to deposit your money first, and then transfer it to your bank account once the funds have cleared. 

What About Free Play 

Many online slot sites will let you try their software without having to make any kind of deposit. These sites usually require you to fill out a registration form and provide a valid email address. Once you sign up for a free account, you can begin exploring the different types of games available. 

These games are called “free spins” and “reel spinners.” With these games, you simply pick the number of free spins that you wish to receive before any real money is wagered. There are no wagering requirements, and you never lose anything except for the time spent playing. 

Of course, playing for free isn’t really worth doing unless you have some serious gambling problems. Even if you don’t intend to stay long enough to hit the jackpot, you’ll probably end up wasting a lot of money on games that you didn’t even care about. 

For this reason, we recommend that you limit yourself to just a few free spins per day. Then, after you’ve used up your allotted number, you can either move on to another game or continue playing for real money.

How to Gamble for Money

In this article, we’ll be looking at gambling as a means of making money. It’s a game that has been around since ancient times, and one that is still played today in various forms. The goal is to win. When you don’t win, it can be disappointing. There are plenty of other games where you make money, but when it comes to gambling, winning is what makes or breaks things. As such, there are some strategies and techniques you should keep in mind when playing slot machines, blackjack, poker, roulette, and more. 

For the typical gambler, making money from gambling has long been a unicorn. Because there is a significant element of luck involved, the notion that you can enter a casino and leave a rich person or woman fascinates.

If you’re new to slot online Singapore, it’s important to understand that when you play, it’s not really about winning or losing. You want to maximize your chances of getting big wins, though. And that means keeping an eye on your bankroll. If you have a small bankroll, you may think that if you lose, it’s over with. But that’s not always true. Many times, you don’t even realize that you’ve lost until after the fact. That’s because losing doesn’t mean you’re out of the game entirely. In fact, you can win back some or all of your losses by doubling down or taking another chance. 

The main thing is to keep track of how much you’ve spent so far. This will give you an indication of whether you’re winning or losing. If you’re losing, you may have to take a break from gambling for a while. There’s no need to panic about it, however. Sometimes, you just need to cut back a little bit. 

When You Need to Quit Playing 

There are two situations in which you might decide it’s time to quit playing. One is when you get to a certain point on the screen. For example, if you’re playing blackjack, you’re going to hit 21 on your first hand. If you do that three times, you’re probably done and need to leave the table. If you continue to lose, your next step is likely to be to close the table. Or, you could ask for help if you find yourself in a bad spot. A dealer is always willing to talk to you and explain what’s happening. They can also recommend ways to improve your luck. 

You can also use your phone to call your friends or family members. This isn’t a great idea, though, because they may feel like you’re calling them for emotional support rather than financial advice. On the other hand, sometimes you have to call someone who knows how to deal with these kinds of situations. 

Another reason you might decide to stop playing is that you simply hit a brick wall. Maybe all of your cards came up snake eyes, or maybe you were dealt a pair of 10s, which was impossible because the maximum hand value is seven. Either way, you can’t beat the house odds, so quitting seems like the best option. 

When You Should Keep Going (And How) 

On the other end of the spectrum, there are times when you shouldn’t quit. Here are some scenarios when continuing to play is the right choice: 

– You’re a beginner.

Even if you’re good at math, you may be surprised by how well the casino plays against you. If you’ve never gambled before, it may seem like you’re doing better than the house, but in reality, it’s the opposite. Because you have fewer chips, you have less leverage, which makes it easier for the casino to win. For beginners, though, it’s often better to stick with the machine for a few hands. Over time, you’ll learn how to control your bets and increase your odds of winning. 

– You’re having a good streak.

Your last couple of rounds have gone pretty well, so you figure you might as well try to ride it out. Sure, you won’t win every hand, but you should be able to win enough to cover the cost of your drinks and snacks. Of course, you can only win so much, but when you’re winning, it can add up quickly. You know the saying “it takes money to make money” — well, it applies here too! 

– You’re trying to build your bankroll.

If you’ve already got some money saved up, then it makes sense to put it into a real-money account. But if you’re starting from scratch, then you should keep playing until you’ve earned enough to open an account. Once you’ve reached that point, you can start putting your savings to work. 

It’s important to remember that even if you lose a lot, you can still get lucky from time to time. So, when you do hit a streak, go ahead and enjoy yourself. After you’ve made your deposit, you can always come back later if your luck changes. 

If you’re just beginning to gamble, it’s important to understand that you may hit a dry spell for awhile. During those times, you may find yourself wondering why you started in the first place. As tempting as it may be to throw in the towel, you should stay focused and stick to the plan. If you do, you’ll be able to turn things around in no time. 

Playing slots can be fun. However, you need to be careful if you want to avoid the pitfalls listed above. Make sure you have the proper strategy and bankroll management tools in place. With the right mindset and the appropriate approach, you can have a blast while making money.

Arb Betting Taking Advantage Of Betting Exchanges

Arb betting is something I recommend you avoid if you are going to be matched betting with Oddsmonkey however if you have been gubbed on one of your bookie accounts you might want to take a few arbs for some easy money. An arb bet is when the odds at the bookies are higher than the odds at the exchange. We can back and lay these events for immediate profit because the odds are in our favour. Bookmakers aren’t fans of this and may stake restrict your account if you do too many but taking the odd one here and there isn’t going to hurt.

How to find arbs

Finding arbs is fairly straight forward if you are a member at Oddsmonkey. You simply load up the oddsmatcher and you will be presented with loads of them. They usually don’t last long so you need to be quick getting your bets on. Bookmakers are monitoring the betting exchanges as well and if they see they are providing too much value they will cut their odds.

As you can see on this screenshot there are a number of arb bets on ‘Key Bid’. A rating of 116.61 means we can make a profit of £16.61 for every £100 staked. That is guaranteed profit. So you can see how quickly you can make a lot of money from placing arb bets.

There is also an opportunity to underlay these bets so that you break even if the horse loses but make much more money if it wins. This means you can have a bet on the horses completely risk free!

Let’s use the first arb on the oddsmatcher as an example:

We need to use the Oddsmonkey Calculator to work out our lay bet

So by entering the odds and a stake of £10 the calculator tells us that we would need to lay £12.03 at Betfair to lock in a profit of £1.42 on every £10 staked. This also takes into account Betfairs commission of 5%. We can also use the calculator in advanced mode to work out an underlay.

Simply by changing to advanced mode the calculator will display an ideal underlay and overlay. In this instance we are interested in the underlay. If we were to lay £10.53 at Betfair we would break even if the horse lost but make £5.40 if the horse won. That would be £54 on a £100 stake. Not bad for a completely risk free bet.

Online betting has changed the earning capacity of the players. To place the bet on their favourite sports, players are dependent on the online platforms like situs slot online. The most crucial thing about this platform is that it provides variety of the betting option to the players.

Why isn’t everyone arbing?

Well not everyone has the means to do arb bets. You need an oddsmatching tool like the one provided by Oddsmonkey and you need to be fast at placing bets. Like I said earlier arbs usually disappear from the bookies really quickly.

Another reason is simply that they don’t know about it. Even some seasoned gamblers are not familiar with the concept of a betting exchange like Betfair. Some people find it difficult to understand that you can lay bets and cover all outcomes by doing so.

Do we recommend arbing?

Yes and no. Matched betting is far more lucrative and far easier to do than arb betting. That is where you should be spending your time. Arbing will eventually get your accounts stake restricted and seriously damage your ability to make money. If the account isn’t restricted in anyway you should be using it for matched betting.

If however a bookmaker has informed you that they won;t be giving you any special offers or free bets anymore you might as well take a few arb bets from them and squeeze out a bit of profit from the account while you can.

The Best Tips to Increase Your Winning Chances in Roulette

Gambling is not a new thing but has been one of the oldest gambling games in the world. After all this time, the game’s popularity is more than ever. Unlike most gambling games, roulette doesn’t require any skill but relies on luck. 

Roulette is a simple game with a roulette wheel consisting of numbers and colors. The colors are black and white. The player had to pick a combination of the colors and numbers ranging from 1 to 36. If the ball stops at the combination selected by you, you win the game. 

Varieties of the game

Like every other thing today, you will also find variations in the roulette game. The variations are French, European, and American. If you are thinking about a specific strategy to win the game, you will not find one as it is impossible to know where the ball will land on the wheel. However, there are certainly some steps to increase your chances of winning the game. Wondering what they are? You are about to know. 

What are the ways to increase your winning odds?

Learning to up your winning chances in roulette isn’t something you get instantly from the first website you come across. There are countless websites available today that provide junk information with advice to promote the business. However, the following tips can help you significantly increase your odds of winning.

  • Place intelligent bets

The statistics behind the game are not fully understood by most players, specifically novices. This results in betting a large amount on one combination, which is not good. The probability of getting the combination chosen by you is minimal because the rewards are plenty and the odds of losing are exceptionally high simultaneously. An experienced and intelligent player makes the bets by splitting the bet amounts. 

  • Choosing a trusted casino 

Offline casinos try to meddle with the wheel by tilting it slightly or making minor dents in it, among many other ways. The winning chances are significantly enhanced in this manner. Online casinos depend upon algorithms for generating random numbers. The owners cannot tamper with the programs. 

Nevertheless, it is possible to change the algorithm to generate only particular numbers. Therefore, the players need to use trusted and reliable resources to research the website before making an account. Sure, the task may prove to be challenging, but you can make a choice swiftly by knowing the right things. Asiabookie is a roulette-playing platform that can deliver the best to you. 

  • Don’t trust your gut instincts

It happens to every player when he feels that he is on the path of winning or losing the game based on the previous results, betting accordingly. The ball or roulette might not work in your favor, resulting in a substantial loss. It is of utmost importance to be concentrated on every game as each game can win or lose with varying probability. 

  • Know when to stop

This might be the most important thing to look for when playing roulette. You have to keep the games you play within a limit, no matter how they turn out to be. A winning streak can be the most challenging as the player becomes too confident about winning and bet excessively. Similarly, while going through a losing streak, the player tries to win the game and continues playing. You must stop the game when necessary. 

  • Don’t drink and play 

According to the situation, excessive alcohol hampers your decision-making power and can result in false judgment. Playing on alcohol can be very risky as you make poor choices. The losing chances are more when you cannot think clearly, specifically in roulette. 

  • Variations of the game 

Before placing the bets, make sure you know what variant of roulette you are playing. Although many rules remain similar, additional rules might be added or subtracted accordingly. The pay-out policy also differs. So, you should go through the game’s policies to avoid any confusion while playing. 

  • Don’t play to win

The ultimate goal of every casino is to maximize its profit – be it online or offline. If you start playing with intentions to win, usually the opposite happens. Play to have a good time and fun. 

Apart from the tips mentioned above, you can follow multiple others. Just make sure to play only at a reputable casino, as most available ones are not genuine. Some might not pay you the winning money in total, and others might be trying to steal your data like bank card information and other stuff. It is easy to fall prey to these websites. But, once you have found a genuine online casino like Asiabookie, your roulette experience will not get bitter, and you can be sure about it.