The Utility of Video Game ‘How To’ Guides

Although most don’t realize it in today’s generation of teenagers and 20 something’s, video games have been around as a commercial entertainment medium since 1971. With the exception of the industry collapse in 1983, the industry has experienced sustained growth for the last 20 plus years expanding to the multi-billion dollar industry that it is today. In this timeframe, not only has the gaming industry boomed but also the sub-market of the creation of ‘how-to’ guides, tips, tricks, 먹튀검증토토사이트, etc. has as well.

As the industry matured in the 1990s, so did the serious game players need for increasingly complex challenges and with that information to combat those challenges. This led to the birth of both ‘how to’ guides for various games across gaming platforms and computers to ‘cheats, tricks, and hacks’ to allow a player to circumvent hours of play to reach a more advanced level in most games. With online gaming also came various other means of ‘cheating’ or ‘tricking’ the game such as spoofing, hacking game servers to gain additional capabilities, etc, that the creators of the games did not intend on being a means to gain an advantage in the play of the game.

As the market has significantly expanded, a direct supporting industry has been the publishing of guides covering everything from secret codes to obtain advanced skill sets in the game, to infinite life to texts similar to those one would buy at a Lowe’s or Home Depot store to build a fence or a deck. Basically a step by step instruction guide on how one should play the game to advance to the ultimate or final level of the game. The video game purist would argue that ‘real players’ would not use these guides since the enjoyment one should have by playing video games should come from the experience of play with no help. As the video game sub-culture has emerged, however, this thought process is more of a minority as most mature gamers today have grown up with tips, tricks, cheat codes, etc as an accepted fact of gameplay. Typically the players that are both good enough and have the time to devote to serious play who reach elite status, publish a how-to guide citing past tournament and other game achievements as a pedigree for attempting to get the user to buy their product. This is typified by two of the better ‘how to’ guides for one of the most popular online video games, World of Warcraft, which has a large number of guides on the market, with two of the more popular ones being Warcraft Supreme and Warcraft Millionaire.

There is truth in advertising for most video games, how-to guides. They typically deliver on their promise of improved play, in a short amount of time, and if competition exists as with the World of Warcraft guides, at a cheap price. Similar to other industries, the video game ‘how to’ guide market will be a viable one for as long as the video game market remains viable.

Slot Games: Top Selections For Beginners

The era of online gambling is increasingly elevating across the whole era, with its incredible and advanced features like instant customer support, fast transactions, and even so on. Well, the Online gambling industry has a wide range of collections with exciting games like Roulette, Black Jack, Craps, Slot Machines, and even many more.

However, what games you want to play is your personal choice, but we are presenting here some of the most exciting and popular poker online gameplay for beginners such as:

  • BLACK Jack:

It is one of the highly trending and simplest gameplay selections for newbie of the gambling world. Blackjack is one of the most popular games because of its incredible features of easy to play and benefit of a low house that is why it is preferred to beginner players.

  • Roulette:

Roulette is also a highly preferable slot game for newcomers of the casino world as it is designed with basic and slow-moving features. The highlighting reason behind its buzz is that it is a simple game in which you just have to choose a number on which the ball will be landing after the spin.

  • Slots:

Slots are one more exciting as well as simple to play gameplay of casino games. Most of the beginners prefer it because it contains simple wins along with exciting jackpots. Thus, it is highly preferable gameplay for a newbie.


So, these are one of the top selections of slot games for beginners, which you can list out in your gaming diaries. You can comprehend all of this above-mentioned gameplay as your ideal selections to start your casino experience with more excitement and joy. Thus, go ahead and get ready to win exciting points with incredibly featured easy to handle and the exciting gameplays.

How To Win At Gambling – Three Factors Of Fate, Luck And Mathematics

There are two schools of thought to winning jackpots: Those who subscribe to lady luck and those who subscribe to statistical methodology.
Most normal people contend that gambling is a matter of chance, and chance is governed by fate and lady luck. The superstitious pray to lady luck before tossing their coin. If they do win-it meant that fate smiled through lady luck. They cannot comprehend how some people can win again and again-especially first time players, and thus tribute it to the workings of a higher power.

In this school of thought, the skill is not considered. Lady luck could favor a novice just as well as an expert, and sometimes she likes novices more than professionals! You may have sighed that lady luck favored the lucky person who repeatedly won for that night. If this is of any comfort to you, do bear in mind that Lady Luck is capricious and fickle. She changes her favorites every night. You could very well be the next!

As for the mathematical school of thought, these statisticians argue that winning does not depend on the moods of a divine power-it lies in the hands of man. These statisticians are less superstitious and believe in the power of man to change their fate.

Critics of the casino industry are more often than not statisticians who prefer to call these gambling games as simply, games. They are no more different than your rusty old Red Alert games, or your Role Playing Games. They would persuade people to believe that winning is not governed by luck, but rather your calculated moves.

They deem themselves as experts in the field and encourage the best ones into playing big bets where the stakes are high while the inexperienced ones are relegated to judi online.

In comparison, superstitions of people render them comically silly. They would do anything to change their luck or have fate give them a break. Some people bring in with them 4 leaved clovers, rabbit’s foots, lucky horseshoes, lucky colors and such. These are normal, but there are the more eccentric ones like skipping on every alternate step to help lady luck notice you. These reduce an intelligent human being to a groveling beggar hoping for a dose of luck from fate. More often than not, fate scorns such people in favor for the nonchalant. It seems that the divine powers are just as fallible as any human being-we want what we don’t have. The ones with the extreme beliefs usually leave for home bitter.

On the other hand, statistics show that the odds of winning a jackpot are 1 to at least 600,000. This is very minimal-and miserable odds indeed. If you believe in lady luck, chances are that she’s not going to favor you over 600,000 plus hopefuls in the game.

Whichever school you subscribe to, the point is that gambling is about losing. The only person who profits is the casino owner who has his eyes on your money!