Free Online Poker Games Guide To Common Beginners Mistakes

When I started playing free online poker games I learned the hard way. I followed the All in Crowd and lost all my chips fast. Not a financial disaster it is true, after all, it was poker online free play stuff but for me, it felt nearly as bad as my goal was to make cash from poker after doing the play free poker to learn a thing, now I was faced with not even being able to cut it in the free poker game, my ambition seemed destined for failure from the start. Not good for my pride either.

In this article, I will tell you what I did to get past the early blues and win first in the free poker games and then on cash games.

First of all, when you’re new to a site, take a little time to familiarise yourself with the site and its members. Watch a few games, and get a feel for the general speed of the games and players.

Do not start with big plays and when someone goes all-in, absolutely do not follow unless you feel your hand is good enough. See what cards you have and play your hand, not other hands. Make a decision and stand by it.

If you have what you feel is a good hand, don’t be pushed out of the game by the All In crew. On free poker sites, the all-in gang are generally new clueless players (unlike yourself) or are playing silly for the fun of it. While on you will find veterans of online casino games.

A little tip that hasn’t failed me yet: Value your cards. When you get your first 2 cards (pocket cards) give them a value that relates to your chips. If you have 1000 chips, an Ace Card is worth 300 (a value you set) chips, King is worth 290, and so on. If you get a Pair then the combined value is 1 one card value plus a half. So 2 kings will be 435 (290 + 145). Once the first round of the hand is done and you get to the stage where 3 new cards are laid on the table (called the Flop), you revalue your cards.

If you’re not confident, then click check and do not raise your bet. Only call if the cards are worth the risk.

On the turn of the fourth card, known as the TURN, check the cards, and if they are worth it start to raise your bet. The turn of the final card (known as the River Card) is the most important card of the game.

Unless you’re all-in at this time, your bet could decide the outcome. A sharp rise could force the less confident players out of the game. After you’ve been playing a while you will know by now how confident they are by their bets.

But remember; don’t overvalue your cards. Obviously, Three of a kind is good, along with a flush or straight. But 4 of a kind is normally a winner.

A good poker player reads the cards and players well; a bad one goes all-in straight away. Only bet what you can afford whether they free chips or paid for chips.

You will find that free online poker games players tend to be more reckless with their chips yet this in itself is good practice for playing against reckless players and you will learn how to play free poker with no risk to your finances.

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