How To Earn A Living Using A Casino Gambling Bonus

Online casinos are permanently in the process of incentivising potential customers to play their online casino sites. There is a community of people out there who target this bonus structure and try to take advantage of offers from different competitive operators. This whole process is often referred to as casino bonus hunting. This is when a “player” takes the opportunity to sign up with an online casino as a new registration thus enabling the player to be rewarded with a free casino bonus.

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How does this mechanic work?

Upon registration with an online casino a player is awarded a percentage bonus – in simple language a signing on welcome gift. In normal circumstances this “gift” usually matches or exceeds the original deposit as laid out by the player.

The player then has to turn his initial deposit over a certain amount of times before they can actually withdraw this bonus money but the successful bonus whore will minimise his losses on his original deposit by playing games with a high percentage payour such as Casino Hold em, the asian casino poker game of Pai Gow or the relatively new game of Red Dog which was developed specifically for the online casino environment

Therefore, in effect a player may make his initial $500 investment, lose a percentage of this deposit then cash out his bonus money. For example, deposit $500 with a 100% match up bonus, lose $200 to the casino and then cash out $800. This $800 would be the players remaining $300 and the casinos own $500. We think this is pretty smart, but do bear in mind that the casinos have sophisticated programs in place and compliance departments trained to spot a bonus abuser. It is advisable to play a few different games to throw the hounds off the scent!

What constitutes a bonus hunter?

In simple terms a bonus hunter situation occurs when a player signs up to a multitude of online casino websites with the express intention or wish of turning a profit. Obviously the player has to meet the minimum requirement as laid out by the online casino in order to release (known as unlocking or cash out) the bonus by minimising the risk of losing while maximising the probability of successfully completing the bonus.

Online casinos vary enormously in the bonuses they offer to attract new players. The ease of the threshold permitting registration and minimum requirement barriers also vary greatly.

Why do online casinos offer bonuses?

The last few years has seen a proliferation of online casinos. These casinos are all chasing the same market. – “The Player”. While the market may be increasing so the number of casinos is increasing exponentially. In order to attract first time players the online casinos have resorted to offering higher and higher cash incentives to players registering for the first time.

These casinos are pertinently aware that the very bonus system they devised is open to abuse and that certain players take advantage of the situation. They do take actions to limit this abuse by implementing policies that contain barriers to withdrawing bonuses from the casino.

So how does the player progress and how does the system work?

The first point for the casino bonus hunter to remember is “be clever”. Accept the rules, understand them and the return can be maximised. Always check the bonus conditions carefully. The type of bonus can vary but most commonly online casinos will match the original deposit up front.

If for example a player deposits €600 with an online casino, the said casino will match the €600 with €600 of his or her own up front, giving the player a total of €1200. At this point it is important to remember that as a casino bonus whore the players objective is to move from casino to casino increasing his original bankroll (€600 in this case). The player may not be able to withdraw the €600 bonus awarded, but the €1200 can help towards making a profit in the casino.

Most online casinos stipulate a certain amount of play before any winnings are withdrawn. It is common that the bonus is never withdrawn. The bonus is there to increase the money the player has at his disposal to gamble with. Prior to starting, always find out what the conditions, restrictions, and barriers are. By knowing this the player can unlock the bonus.

Some online casinos may limit or exclude bonuses attached to certain games that are thought of as too in the players favour. These are usually roulette, video poker and some forms of blackjack. Should the player find a casino where these games leave the bonus intact then full advantage should be taken.

How to unlock your bonus and claiming your money

Remember- the players aim is to become a profitable player. In order to avoid going bust and claim the bonus the player must adhere to the plan and stick to games that have a real chance of success. Blackjack and video poker give the player the best chance. Roulette on condition that red and black are only gambled upon is fine.

Earning your casino bonus and becoming a successful casino bonus whore the player should follow the points set out below:

1. READ UP in the first instance the online casino bonus requirements. If the player is at all uncertain he should contact the casino and demand a full explanation. In the second instance understand the game being played. There are basic rules and strategies the player should employ.

2. Enter the game with a firm objective and always keep this in mind.

3. If on a bad streak- do not double up, as this is a sure way of the player going bust. Accept that bad streaks occur.

4. As a percentage of the bankroll make the bets small and cautious each time. This will avoid going bust when in a bad streak.

5. If the player finds himself with less than his original deposit- in other words at a loss- close off, withdraw and go to a new online casino.

6. Take regular interval breaks- especially important if losing.

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