How To Play Euchre Casino Game

Euchre is a popular trick-taking card game that is played world wide and is the newest side game on offer here at Spin32Poker. Using American based rules, try your hand with and against fellow live players as you play to win.

Mind you, with Euchre game rules in online casinos now having an American slat we have started to see the game gain popularity accross Europe, the States and the rest of the world outside Asia.

Playing Euchre is basically a team challenge played by a maximum of four gamblers each in a pair, so two vs two playing with a twenty four card deck of standard casino playing cards.

The most important step is to develop a strategy so that you can know what to expect when the opponent plays his game and you would know how to tackle him, which can be seen in Judi online terpercaya as well but Euchre is an entirely different experience.

When playing Euchre live each team faces the other accross the table with the twenty four card deck made up of Ace, King, Queen, Jack, Ten and Nine selected from each of the four playing card suits.

Ok, so when any particulat suit from the deck is named as the trump suit it will rank higher in terms of power than any of the other card suits no matter as to the individual value of the cards played. So, if a Ten of spades is called as being the trump card it will outrank an ace of hearts, for example.

There is a game called five hundred that some of you will be familiar with and playing Euchre to the rules is pretty similar in that it uses something called bowers. This means that if spades is named as trumps then the jack of spades will be the highest card. This is called the right bower and the second highest card is the left bower which will be the jack of the suit which has the same colour. So in our example this will be the jack of clubs.

So, now that we’ve squared away the basics and covered what is meant by the bower lets examine the general card and hand rankings for the game Euchre.

Euchre card standings

  • Right Bower (jack of the trump suit)
  • Left Bower (jack of the same colour as the trump suit)
  • Ace
  • King
  • Queen
  • Ten
  • Nine

So, lets get started and look at the euchre deal!

Firstly, the dealer is selected completely randomly from around the table. This can be done by the toss of a coin or the drawing of straws but if playing online euchre then the first dealer will be picked at random by the casinos random number generator. Once the initial dealer has been chosen by whatever method then the next dealer will be the person who sits clockwise from the initial dealer and this will continue through the game.

All players will then be dealt five cards and the next card to be dealt will be turned face up and placed on the table in front of all the players to start the initial bidding. The designated dealer then begins the process of offering the players whether or not they would actually like this card to be trumps. The dealer will start their questions with the first player on their left and players may, in turn choose to go alone, pass or order up.

If a player chooses to order up in euchre

If a player decides to do this then they become the makers and with them and their playing partner they have to win at least three of the five tricks. If they then go on to win all five tricks they will end up scoring double the points. The dealer must pick up the card and then throw away one card from their existing hand.

What happens if a player decides to choose going alone?

If you think that you have the nuts (a great hand) you can choose to ‘go alone’ and when this happens your playing partner must lay down their hand and then its down to just you and your opponents.

So what about the play in euchre?

Firstly, if no player decides to accept the offered trump then every player is given the chance to declare a new trump suit.

Play can lead with any card and every player in clockwise rotation then follow by laying a card of the that suit that led off, if it is possible. Any player that finds his cards make this order of play impossible can play any card including a trump card.It should be noted here that the left bower is deemed to be trump suit and not actually belong to any other suit.

The hand is won by the player who layed the highest card of the suit that led, unless that is, a top trump card was layed in which case this means that the highest trump wins. Now, importantly, the winner of each hand then leads the next round.

Objective of playing euchre to win

The main objective of euchre is to win as many rounds, or as many tricks as possible. Each hand is made up of five tricks, and if either you or your euchre play partner choose trumps this is declaring that you will at least win three of the five tricks. The overall winner of the trick becomes the player who lays the highest card.

Scoring in euchre

  • The scores for four player euchre are:
  • If the makers win 3 or 4 tricks – one point
  • If the makers wins 5 tricks – two points
  • makers win less than three tricks they are euchred, and the defenders then pick up two points

When a player on the makers team has decided to go alone and they win all five tricks then the team wins four points instead of the standard two. If this does not happen then the scoring reverts to the table above.

Any game of euchre is played to a maximum of ten points, so the team to reach ten points first will win the game.

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