Online Casino Bonus Hunting

Virtual gambling sites try to please their clients, as it is an obligatory task, if a site wants to occupy the first lines in numerous ratings and to be incredibly attractive for a gambler. It happens because of strict competition, as the amount of online casinos is even not a subject to counting. That’s why they offer different forms of encouragement, and one of the most popular is online casino bonuses. However, today it is rather difficult to cash out the bonuses, as sites introduced strict requirements for cashing out. It is certainly conditioned by so called bonus hunting, and in this article I’d like to offer you to get familiar with this phenomenon.

Several years ago online casinos offered huge bonuses with small wagering requirements, and you know that today they are sometimes impossible to fulfill. But it was the period, when nobody had even the idea about bonus hunting and the advantages of such encouragement at online casinos. Undoubtedly, some individuals availed themselves of the generosity of online casinos, but it was not a popular movement.

Bonuses are like an attraction for the players. As they get an option to earn money without any kind of investment. Players love to play on some platforms like qqslot as they provide them with timely offers and incentives. Even they guide the players in advance only.

In fact, the motherland of bonus hunting is certainly Denmark. According to the history, one Dane or a group of them realized that it was not so profitable to play online casino games, and that in any case a site got its profit. However, new online casino bonus offers were so attractive that it wouldn’t be a bad thing to use all the benefits. And indeed a gambler may have earned $100 in fifteen minutes with the help of bonuses at gambling sites. The arithmetic was pretty simple: you wager $100 and get $100 as a bonus, then place several bets playing any game you like and cash the total sum out.

And there would be no danger, if the stories about an easy way to beat an online casino didn’t go from one gambler to another. People were really excited about the opportunity to get rich at the expense of gambling sites. The Internet was full of such stories and hints how to win with bonus hunting. Moreover, Danish television started broadcasting a program, which told about a new way to earn the fortune playing games at virtual gambling sites. It was a starting point for “bonus rush” not only in Denmark but also in some other European countries. Online casinos suffered incredible losses without any doubts.

Certainly, they undertook serious measures to protect themselves from bonus hunters. What are they? And what is the situation today? The measures were different in different online casinos. So one of them stopped accepting Danish gamblers, while the other just didn’t give any bonuses to them; some gambling sites raised wagering requirements and some introduced “sticky” bonuses, which are just uncashable and some of them prohibited placing risk-free bets (for example, the bets on odd/even, red/black in roulette). Many gambling sites added several methods to the armory. As a result today there are almost no online casinos with attractive bonuses, which can be easily cashed out.

Today virtual gambling sites regularly check the activity of gamblers in order to be sure, that there are no bonus hunters. And if someone noticed, that you are trying to cash out the bonus before fulfilling wagering requirements or right after it, you may lose the opportunity to gamble at all. Some online casinos not only block the access to one site, but also present the information to the others. That’s why today some virtual gambling houses are closed for people not only from Denmark, but also from Israel, China, Russia, the Ukraine and Latvia. Please, be careful when you are thinking about bonus hunting.

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