Rolling the Dice: How to Find an Excellent Las Vegas Vacation Deal!

Taking vacations does not have to be expensive. If anybody in the world knows anything about cutting corners, it’s me. As a middle school teacher, I live like a millionaire on a breath of fresh air. However, do not cue in the sympathy tears for me just yet. Unlike most occupations, I get about two months off (with the exception of meetings that take place from time to time and lesson planning for the following year). During the summer season, I have spare time on my hands to help myself, as well as you, find cost-cutting techniques. The one I am about to share will blow your mind. But first, you must check out Judi online terpercaya for some of the most amazing deals and offers that you can always try as you spend your vacation on a classy Las Vegas hotel. 

First off, forget a lot of what you see and hear from other people in regards to discovering a vacation package. My vacationing destination of choice for the past two years has been Las Vegas. One, because I thoroughly enjoy the area. There exists a lot more to do than just gambling (although I am also able to appease that sweet tooth as well). Second, out of all the places in the United States, this destination is by far the most affordable. Last year I paid $900 for a five day, six-night stay at the Orleans Hotel and Casino. This was an all-inclusive package that included the hotel stay, round trip air tickets for two (because going alone represents way too much temptation) and a Ford Mustang rental car. Ok, the Mustang upgrade was by chance, I will admit that. But the price, even if Avis were to offer a skateboard, was far and away spectacular for the experience.

How did I do it? It took timing, patience, and a little bit of sacrifice. Keep in mind we are talking about vacationing on a budget. Websites such as Expedia and Travelocity, both very popular due to their obnoxious commercialized presence, I would not even bother. Both are usually a couple of hundred dollars more than other on-line rivals, despite their lowest rate guarantee. Perhaps a travel agent? No way. This is not the way to go. In the days of instant-internet gratification, only old-timers use these people. Cut out the middle-man; keep in mind that a travel agent gets compensated either by you for “discovering a great deal,” or through another party.

For the past two years, I have used to book a Vegas package deal. This past year was a little more expensive, but that is attributed to higher gas costs and inflation. Not to mention that the girlfriend and I decided to stay at the Orleans Hotel and casino for a full week. The final cost? $1,160. Not too shabby for a very comfortable place off-strip that has a shuttle leaving every fifteen minutes to bring you to the action.

Now before you jump on Hotwire, perhaps a few things should be brought to your attention first. Hotwire, while being the most affordable packager of vacations, does have some loopholes. They do not allow you to know your travel times until after you book the entire vacation. True, you will not be on a red-eye airplane, but your final arrival time can easily be midnight. Also, after each “search” you perform for your dream Vegas vacation, you should clear all the cookies out of your internet history. Why? Because Hotwire, as well as other travel sites, keep tabs on past searches and may quote you the same price. Never settle for the very first offer provided to you. With patience and homework, you can usually find a better price.

The earlier you plan on taking the trip, the better price you will be given. I start sniffing out a deal as early as November for a trip I take in late May or early June. Sound crazy? The difference can be as much as $200 or more. Travel websites seem eager to please right after Thanksgiving when people are more concerned about Christmas shopping than they are summer vacations. Perhaps that is part of the reasoning behind my discovered rock-bottom prices. A recent search of the same vacation package a couple of days ago to the Orleans Hotel and casino was priced at $1400. Still, not a bad price quoted by Hotwire. But $1160 sounds far more appealing (and allows you to use your savings to see some shows).

Generally speaking, avoid flying on the weekends or during holidays. Not only will the airline ticket cost more, but staying at a hotel will too. I have found Wednesday to be the most affordable day to travel from central Florida to Las Vegas (and vice versa) when using Hotwire. So avoid the newspaper ads that promise a “steal of a deal” and travel agents with their pearly whites telling you they are providing the same quote they would give their own mother. Use Hotwire like a pro and plan an escape to Sin City. See you there!

Your Best Bets for Casinos Near Portland, Oregon

Do you like to gamble and live In Portland, Oregon, or Vancouver, Washington? You are in luck! You have a variety of choices including Spirit Mountain Casino, Chinook Winds Casino Resort, and Lucky Eagle Casino. There is also the horse racing track at Portland Meadows, the casinos at La Center, Washington, and Kah Nee ta Casino. Oregon Lottery video terminals in delis, bars and restaurants are available to not have to travel far. Bingo halls also exist. This brief guide covers almost all of these choices.

The closest casino action is at the Oregon Lottery video terminals, and they are found in bars, delis, and restaurants everywhere you see the sign in the window. The Oregon video lottery as it is called may take as much as 30 percent for the house and does not necessarily give you a lot of play time before it consumes your gambling principal. The advantage of the Oregon lottery is you save on gas and time getting there because there is one around almost every corner in the state. Locations are limited to a maximum of six machines. Oregon lottery machines do not offer progressive payouts or any table games. They do offer scratch off tickets and a variety of lottery tickets with occasional raffles. The Oregon video lottery machines are not the best bet but they are close and may serve the purpose of relieving you of your gambling urge and money too.

The largest full casino in Oregon is at Spirit Mountain in Grand Ronde, Oregon. You can drive there in under two hours going the speed limit or find a location in town that will take you on one of their free casino buses. Spirit Mountain has more slot machines than any other casino in the state and probably more table games too. It has a full service hotel and restaurant services including the largest buffet in Oregon. Spirit Mountain often hosts the largest entertainment events outside of Portland in the state including music acts and more.

Chinook Winds Casino is located right on the beach in Lincoln City, Oregon. They are the second largest casino in the state with restaurants, a hotel, entertainment, and bingo. There does not seem to be any free bus service from the Portland area.

Kah-Nee-Ta Casino is located out east on the Warm Springs Reservation. It is a smaller and more intimate casino with a variety of different slot machines and some table games. There are two different ways to drive out there from Portland. One is over Mount Hood where it can be a snow zone and the other is up interstate highway 84 and south to Warm Springs. It can take a bit over two hours to get there. It is a good bet for trying something different in Oregon.

La Center Casinos are mostly table games. Most start with a $5 bet. It is a place more for seasoned gamblers and poker/blackjack players than those who enjoy slot machines. It is approximately a half hour from Portland.

Lucky Eagle Casino is the only casino in the Portland area with interstate highway access most of the way on I-5 where you can travel at 70 mph more than half way in Washington State. It is only around two hours away with what are generally safer roads than you encounter driving to Spirit Mountain. The drive generally takes a bit less than two hours and a bus may be available from the Portland or Vancouver area for free. The casino advertises that their slot machines pay out a certified loose 95 percent or more on average and that seems to be the case, because their slots seem to let you play longer on your dollar. The casino features a fresh fish buffet and entertainment. Sometimes the casino offers free rooms as comps to patrons. An additional 30-40 minutes drive from Lucky Eagle Casino brings you to the Red Wind Casino, east of Olympia, for a separate gambling casino and a different type of buffet and other amenities.

Bingo Halls in Portland are located near The Grotto off of NE Sandy Blvd and In Raleigh Hills off of Beaverton Hillsdale Highway. Bingo Halls post their times and buy in prices online.

Horse racing is available at Portland Meadows. Check their website for schedules.

My personal favorite casino is Lucky Eagle because they tend to provide the best comps and perks and driving on I-5 of  which has a feature that allows the user to play multiple bet on a particular game and not only that it also gives them access to play with more than five players at the single time. The road to both Spirit Mountain and Lincoln City can get pretty scary once you leave I-5 or you go from one speed zone to the next and hit stop light after stop light. Spirit Mountain does have the largest choice of games. Kah-Nee-Ta is the most intimate casino and has the most restful hotel of the bunch.

If you want to drive further there is also a casino in Florence, Oregon, and a small one north of the Long Beach Peninsula on the SW Washington Coast. There are casinos in the Tacoma and Seattle area to visit too. That is a lot of different choices.

Steal the Antes and Increase Your Profits in Seven Stud Poker

All poker games have forced bets at the beginning of the hand to increase action. This was also the case in PokerQQ where the format was basic but involved the same tactics anyway. If there were no forced bets at all, the correct strategy would be to just wait and play only the nuts. This would make for a very boring game of poker. While the presence of these initial bets like blinds and antes forces the action, it also creates an opportunities to steal dead money on the first betting street. In seven stud poker, this happens when it folds to you on third street and you have a chance to steal the antes and the bring-in, another forced bet specific to stud games. Here we are going to look at what you should be thinking about when stealing the antes so you can increase the money you make at the table during your seven stud games.

The most important thing above all else when considering stealing in stud is the betting structure. Unlike hold’em and Omaha games where the blinds remain constant, in stud games there are antes and bring-in values of various sizes. The larger the ante and bring-in compared to the size of the small bet, the more likely you should be to steal. An eight-handed $10/20 seven stud game with a bring-in of $5 will play very differently if the antes are $1 than if the antes are $2. If the antes are less than 10% of the size of the small bet, then this is generally a sign that you should play really tight. If the antes are more than 20% of the size of the small bet, then this almost always means you should loosen up and steal the antes and bring-in much more often. If the antes are between 10% and 20%, then it’s more situational.

In hold’em and Omaha games, when you get short-handed that usually means you should be stealing the same amount, if not more often. This makes sense in those games where the amount of the dead money stays the same, but in seven stud the exact opposite applies. If it folds to you with two people left to act in an 8-handed seven stud game, there will be a lot more dead money in the pot than if it folds to you with two people left in a 4-handed seven stud game. This is very anti-intuitive for players switching over from the very popular no-limit hold’em poker format, and is worth keeping in mind.

Finally, remember that you want to leave yourself some chance to win the hand if your ante steal happens to get called. If you’re stealing with three random high cards, it’s much better for two of them to be of the same suit than for all three of them to be different suits. Similarly, it’s much better to steal with something like a pair of Threes with an Ace kicker than three unpaired cards.

Keep these principles in mind when you’re considering stealing the antes in stud games since they are the sources of profit in steal situations.