Rolling the Dice: How to Find an Excellent Las Vegas Vacation Deal!

Taking vacations does not have to be expensive. If anybody in the world knows anything about cutting corners, it’s me. As a middle school teacher, I live like a millionaire on a breath of fresh air. However, do not cue in the sympathy tears for me just yet. Unlike most occupations, I get about two months off (with the exception of meetings that take place from time to time and lesson planning for the following year). During the summer season, I have spare time on my hands to help myself, as well as you, find cost-cutting techniques. The one I am about to share will blow your mind. But first, you must check out Judi online terpercaya for some of the most amazing deals and offers that you can always try as you spend your vacation on a classy Las Vegas hotel. 

First off, forget a lot of what you see and hear from other people in regards to discovering a vacation package. My vacationing destination of choice for the past two years has been Las Vegas. One, because I thoroughly enjoy the area. There exists a lot more to do than just gambling (although I am also able to appease that sweet tooth as well). Second, out of all the places in the United States, this destination is by far the most affordable. Last year I paid $900 for a five day, six-night stay at the Orleans Hotel and Casino. This was an all-inclusive package that included the hotel stay, round trip air tickets for two (because going alone represents way too much temptation) and a Ford Mustang rental car. Ok, the Mustang upgrade was by chance, I will admit that. But the price, even if Avis were to offer a skateboard, was far and away spectacular for the experience.

How did I do it? It took timing, patience, and a little bit of sacrifice. Keep in mind we are talking about vacationing on a budget. Websites such as Expedia and Travelocity, both very popular due to their obnoxious commercialized presence, I would not even bother. Both are usually a couple of hundred dollars more than other on-line rivals, despite their lowest rate guarantee. Perhaps a travel agent? No way. This is not the way to go. In the days of instant-internet gratification, only old-timers use these people. Cut out the middle-man; keep in mind that a travel agent gets compensated either by you for “discovering a great deal,” or through another party.

For the past two years, I have used to book a Vegas package deal. This past year was a little more expensive, but that is attributed to higher gas costs and inflation. Not to mention that the girlfriend and I decided to stay at the Orleans Hotel and casino for a full week. The final cost? $1,160. Not too shabby for a very comfortable place off-strip that has a shuttle leaving every fifteen minutes to bring you to the action.

Now before you jump on Hotwire, perhaps a few things should be brought to your attention first. Hotwire, while being the most affordable packager of vacations, does have some loopholes. They do not allow you to know your travel times until after you book the entire vacation. True, you will not be on a red-eye airplane, but your final arrival time can easily be midnight. Also, after each “search” you perform for your dream Vegas vacation, you should clear all the cookies out of your internet history. Why? Because Hotwire, as well as other travel sites, keep tabs on past searches and may quote you the same price. Never settle for the very first offer provided to you. With patience and homework, you can usually find a better price.

The earlier you plan on taking the trip, the better price you will be given. I start sniffing out a deal as early as November for a trip I take in late May or early June. Sound crazy? The difference can be as much as $200 or more. Travel websites seem eager to please right after Thanksgiving when people are more concerned about Christmas shopping than they are summer vacations. Perhaps that is part of the reasoning behind my discovered rock-bottom prices. A recent search of the same vacation package a couple of days ago to the Orleans Hotel and casino was priced at $1400. Still, not a bad price quoted by Hotwire. But $1160 sounds far more appealing (and allows you to use your savings to see some shows).

Generally speaking, avoid flying on the weekends or during holidays. Not only will the airline ticket cost more, but staying at a hotel will too. I have found Wednesday to be the most affordable day to travel from central Florida to Las Vegas (and vice versa) when using Hotwire. So avoid the newspaper ads that promise a “steal of a deal” and travel agents with their pearly whites telling you they are providing the same quote they would give their own mother. Use Hotwire like a pro and plan an escape to Sin City. See you there!

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