The Rumor Mill Of Online Gambling

Online gambling as an overall industry has been slandered by public officials in the United States for years now. They have even gone as far as to limit the economic freedom of their own economic institutions because of this crusade. And now, evidence that the government has gotten the public into such a frenzy over online gambling has come through loud and clear in a case where the personal life of a human being has been ripped open for everyone to take a look at even though there is no law enforcement official that is willing to admit that the person did anything wrong in the first place.

A Florida basketball team has had a star on that team playing in토토사이트  poker rooms. The star has lost some money in the process but nothing even coming close to resembling any of the problem gambling cases that appear in the newspaper on a regular basis and are recycled every time a particular reporter decides that it is time to go after online gambling once again. This is just a case of a man that lost a bit of money playing online gambling poker instead of losing that same amount of money by going to a casino nearby. It should have been a completely private matter that was not only just kept to the knowledge of the person that did it but also something that should have been completely inconsequential since it did not affect any of his financial abilities whatsoever. It is the gambling equivalent of getting drunk one night, sleeping it off, and then moving on with your life.

However, the media got hold of the story, and ever since that point in time it has been anything but private. The media has gone through numerous stories about the potential of a gambling addiction on the part of this player and many of them have played the story up into involving a number of lurid online gambling transactions that had a questionable amount of legality to them. Forgetting that the UIGEA, the single piece of legislation that says anything about online gambling, does absolutely nothing to make online gambling illegal for the player that goes up to do it, the media have spun this story completely out of control to the point where they have basically destroyed the life of a star athlete in the state of Florida.

And the disgusting behavior of the media in this particular circumstance has not gone unnoticed by representatives of the team. The head coach for the team is a man named Billy Donovan and in a released statement for the press, he castigated them soundly, stating that he thought “the unfortunate part in all of this is nobody on our team has done anything wrong” before going on to wonder how such a story could become so public so quickly when nobody has even accused the player of doing anything wrong let alone attempted to prove it. It is just one more example of the mob mentality towards online gambling that has been created in that country purely as a result of bad federal policy.

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