Top Traits Of A Successful Gambler

In order to become a successful professional gambler, that is to make a living from gambling, you need certain personality traits. While some games such as slot machines and roulette are purely down to chance, others are about skill – poker, blackjack, and craps. No matter how you attempt to make a living through gambling, you will need these essential traits.


If you are not confident in your ability to make a substantial amount of money out of gambling then you may as well give up before you even start. You may be nervous, this is perfectly fine, but there is wisdom in the phrases “fake it until you make it” or to “show it, then you will feel it”. Confidence will help you make the right decision in a game that is skill-based and put fellow players on the back foot. Confidence helps you take those high risks. Keeping this in mind, all you need do is a practice as much as you can on ​​sbobet to hone your skills.

Fear of Self-Doubt

It is not a contradiction to understand that you need both confidence and self-doubt as a professional gambler. These “negative” emotions are your survival instincts – the part of you that is your self-preservation. This, in turn, stops you from making bad decisions in a game. It’s the part of you that realizes it’s time to cut your losses. As a professional gambler, you will have losses. Listen to the self-doubt but never let it consume you.

Financial Management Skills

Most of us need to be good with money, but for a professional gambler, it is vital. You need to think about your professional gambling as a small business – to understand the balance of revenue against costs, calculate risk vs reward, know when to take a chance on an “investment” and when to walk away. Identify trends – do you make more money in one area of your gambling life? Could you improve the situation? Should you perhaps stop “investing” in those areas that register the lowest profit or most loss?

Long Term Strategy

Another business thinking skill, you need a long-term strategy – a business plan if you will – in order to maximize your profits and minimize your losses. You need to be able to deal with winning streaks and take advantage of them while preparing for long-term losing streaks. A good professional gambler thinks weeks, months, and years in advance and not just for today’s game. No business lives on a day-to-day basis, so neither should a professional gambler.


Determination comes easy on a winning streak; after all, who doesn’t want to keep winning? The question is how you react to obstacles. How do you react to a big loss? How do you react to a losing streak? How do you react to watching your profits-to-date slowly disappearing? Determination means not giving up on the first hurdle or barrier; it means going with the losing streaks and changing your strategy where relevant. The ability and desire to see it through are vital in professional gambling.

Read Body Language

In games where you are playing against people, you need to be able to read their body language and “tells”. This is not necessarily an easy thing to do because they will learn or already know how to control their reactions to a potential winning or losing situation. Even a fellow professional gambler will sometimes give things away; identifying these and knowing how to exploit and use them is a great skill to have.

Emotional Self-Control

There are two aspects to this and both are related to the first two attributes listed here – the ability to not let panic or over-confidence get the better of you. For the latter, “pride goes before the fall” as the saying goes; for the former, panic causes you to make bad decisions. Keeping your emotions in check and pausing for thought before the next step allows you to make rational decisions about your next bet.

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