Types Of Players In Poker – Know them!!

Poker player cannot be defined into a single sentence, it’s not because it’s hard to find the right characteristics but it is also very difficult to gather the varying characteristics of the poker player. It’s very hard to categorize or define a poker player in a single spectrum because they don’t stay in a single action for very long time. Poker is a sport that involves a continuous evolution, so this article is a small effort done to summarize the characteristics a poker villain can possess.

The poker online terpercaya site will have unique features and options. The playing of the poker games will require the skills and intelligence of the players. The understanding of the rules and laws is essential to have success at the online platform. 

The ABC players

With an increasing trend of poker this type of players is immensely emerging in the poke world. This type of poker players comprises of the people who have learned the art of this play through books, magazines, television and had applied the techniques to the game. They develop the understanding for poker strategy and try to play hands of immediate value and they also practice to gain the knowledge of positions. Most importantly they develop this stance over time to play poker with confidence and it is the game of having quality hands.


The players in this category are called the tight aggressive ones. They mainly recollect various concepts of the poker game such as three betting, equity collections and poker odds. As the name justifies these players can be triggered through their aggressiveness, They don’t follow the old rules of limping in pots, passive calls and slow playing, the only weapon they consider to be a major source thing for the game is betting. They do not feel observed or scared while calling or raising bets because they can clearly observe the frequency of the holding of their opponents. The TAG player mostly uses bluffing as a technique to play on but not all the time, their far sightedness and there keen observation makes them aware of their surroundings because of which they get successful in generating pressure over their opponents.

The Fish

This type of player is said to have the most adequate knowledge of the game of poker. What makes them unique is their ability to d=save the best for the last. Although their questionable behavior makes it very easy to recognize this type of players, and they are also considered to be the best players you can have on your poker table. In the poker world this fact cannot be denied that the fish playing strategy can make any experienced player to make money profitably. This type of player can sometimes act aggressively or may become too passive, they have a multitude of bad traits associated with them, to be an effective player against them, a player should first learn about their turning attributes. The fish category players love to make betting regardless of the fact whether they don’t possess anything, which makes the opponent think over to analyze the value of the hand they possess. Instincts have to applied a lot while playing with a fish, because the opponent is a complete maniac.

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